How Essential Oils Helped Me Get Through College

I am a stressed out person! Add collage to that and I often felt overwhelmed. Every day after my long day of classes I sat down to piles of homework. Since I am a dance major, most of my classes are strenuous and energy depleting with all of the exercise. My heart would race in my chest and I would suddenly feel like no matter what I did, the piles of homework would not be diminished. I would try to give myself  breaks every hour so I didn't fry myself. After a while, I just felt exhausted and my head hurt. I constantly felt like I needed to cry to get all the stress out of my system. I asked my mom for an oil to help with this stress. She said Intention is an oil specifically for being overwhelmed or stressed. I used it by smelling the oil for fifteen minutes at a time, and at the end of the fifteen minutes, I could feel the stress float away. I was surprised that this oil worked like magic, but it did. It is now one of my go-to oils when the stress of daily life gets to be too much.

Here is the write up from the book, "Butterfly Miracles with Essential Oils" by Laree Westover
INGREDIENTS: grapefruit, lime, orange sweet, vanilla
AFFINITY FOR: lymphatic system, immune system, nerves, digestive system, circulation, capillary health, hormone balance, metabolism, governing vessel meridian, liver/gallbladder meridian, solar plexus and heart chakras
RESONANCE: physical, emotional, spiritual
APPLICATION: LeIntention makes an excellent massage oil. It may be applied anywhere on the body, used in the bath, and diffused.
AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: The inhalation of LeIntention is usually followed by a big sigh as stress is released and burdens lifted.
PHYSICAL ASPECTS: The essential oils of which LeIntention is comprised affect the absorption of nutrients and the metabolic function of the body. This blend improves the digestive function, tones and cleanses the liver, and prevents gallbladder inflammation and the production of gallstones. Because of its effect on capillary and vein health, this blend stabilizes blood pressure fluctuations, tightens and tones the skin and tissues, and increases circulation. Used consistently, LeIntention has a building and sustaining influence on energy levels.
EMOTIONAL / SPIRITUAL / MENTAL ASPECTS: LeIntention is for those times in our life (every day?) when life gets too intense and crazy, or we need peace as we contemplate the craziness of the world in which we live. LeIntention both stimulates and calms the amygdala, a glandular center in the brain that is often referred to as "the solution center" . This blend is useful in helping us find solutions to problems and situations that we may not have previously considered but then turn out to be just right. Life consistently presents us with challenges and struggles; the essential oils in LeIntention help us cope, increasing our overall satisfaction with our lives and ourselves.