From Certified Pure to Affordability: What Makes Butterfly Express Essential Oils So Special?

Discount Butterfly Oils-10% off Wholesale Prices“The focus of Butterfly Express is on producing great oils. We focus on educating people on their use.  Butterfly Express is able to keep costs low by not focusing on marketing with fancy billboards or using multi-level marketing.  People try the essential oils and know they have the real thing.”
                                 Sharon, Butterfly Expressions LLC

Butterfly Express essential oils are 100% therapeutic grade.  They are high quality essential oils that have been tested, certified, and approved.  Butterfly oils are captured from nature using careful steam distillation (as well as cold pressing for citrus oils).  Butterfly Express also produces a few oil absolutes.

Only the highest quality practices are used to ensure all plants and essential oils meet the standard to be claimed as Butterfly Express worthy.

Butterfly Express essential oils are 100% certified pure and therapeutic.  Usually, such high quality oils are more costly because of overhead and profit motivations.  Or, on the other side of the spectrum, you have cheap stripped down oils which do little therapeutically, other than smell good. Customers attest that the quality of Butterfly Express essential oils is “just as good as”, if not better, than the competition (click here for comparison chart).  We help you take $$$ out of picture so you can focus on your health.

There are generally three different areas companies focus on when setting a price point for their product (overhead, payroll, and profit). Here's how Butterfly Express differs from other mainstream companies:

Wholesale Butterfly Express Essential Oils
“First, overhead.  Butterfly Express has a modest, but sufficient, office, warehouse, and factory in Clifton, Idaho. There aren't expensive multi-level office spaces or international offices that need to be paid for. That eliminates expenses that drive up the cost of the essential oils.
Second, payroll.  Butterfly Express is not a multi-level marketing manufacturer.  As with all things, the closer you get to the source, the less expensive the product. …Butterfly Express has employees and distributors.  That’s it. …There aren’t six other people between you and the owner who each need to make a profit.
Third, profit, or as I like to call it – intent.  The intent of Butterfly Express is really what makes this company as wonderful as it is.  The intent of the owners is not to become multi-millionaires.  …Butterfly Express sells essential oils because they work, and they want others to benefit as they have.

4 ingredient "Owie" spray-Amazing for scrapes, cuts, bumps and bruises

A friend recently shared this story with me, and I knew it was one I needed to pass on! This recipe for an amazing "owie" spray is one we should all have on simple, so powerful!
Her young son was out riding his bike and fell while going downhill on a gravelly road.  He was pretty torn up as you can see from the photos and after a trip to the ER was told that there could be possible surgery to clean out the gravel.

Mom came to the rescue with essential oils, specifically her recipe for “Owie Spray”.  She keeps a bottle of ‘Owie Spray’ (recipe below) to use for any kinds of cuts, scrapes, bumps and bruises.  Her kids will run to use it whenever needed.  The only treatment that he received after the ER was multiple applications of this spray – about 3 – 4 times per day.  This little guy was not on any pain medication either. Look at the progression below from day 1 through the final photo at day 7.
Discount Butterfly Oils-Healing "Owie" Spray
Click to enlarge these amazing photo's!!

The photos show the healing process in order from left to right.  Most notable are the last three pictures on the right–they are day 4, day 6, and day 7 respectively.
Pretty Incredible, right?  His mom told me recently that there is no scarring and he is completely healed!  It seems hard to believe, but this is an amazing, true example of the incredible healing that comes with the aid of 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils.  My grandma (and probably yours too) always used to say, “The proof is in the pudding!”  Try it and see.  Plain and simple.

Here’s the recipe:
1- A 2 oz glass spray bottle 
2- The oils – 10 to 20 drops of each:
Frankincense – the miracle oil – a wonderful anti inflammatory and great for trauma.
Lavender – gentle enough for kids and sensitive skin issues like burns, cuts or abrasions , also calming so it’s a great idea to diffuse or let the child smell the oil as well.
Tea Tree – documented to kill many bacteria, viruses, and fungi on contact so it is excellent for cuts, wounds, burns, and anywhere that bacteria might be found. It has a historical use as an antiseptic for the face, skin disorders including acne, and dandruff as well.
3- Filled the rest of the way with fractionated coconut oil. Fractionated coconut oil is an all-natural carrier oil that readily absorbs into the skin making it an ideal oil for topical therapies. Its feather-light emollient effect provides a soothing barrier without clogging pores and is excellent for dry or troubled skin. It leaves skin feeling silky smooth, not greasy like other vegetable carrier oils. It is completely soluble with all essential oils and is colorless, odorless, and will not stain or go rancid. For topical use. Grapeseed would also be a good oil to use.
We now keep a bottle stocked in our house as well! As you may know, oils begin to break down when mixed with a carrier oil, therefore if you don't think you'd use this spray up in about a month-6 weeks, adjust the quantities to make up a smaller batch at a time!

 I love the incredible healing power of 100% Pure, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, and keeping these amazing oils truly affordable is a high priority for Butterfly Express, so families can actually use and enjoy them!!