Want To Let Go and Move Forward With Delight?

Check out the wonderful emotional and physical aspects that come from using this oil!

Here is the write up from the book, "Butterfly Miracles with Essential Oils" by Laree Westover

Rose Absolute & Rose Otto
(Rosa damascena)
(ROSE ABSOLUTE) INGREDIENT IN: LeAgeLess, LeAngel, LeBaby Me, LeBelieve, LeBenediction, LeDiscernment, LeExpressions, LeEverlasting, LeFaith, LeHeartSong, LeKindred Spirit, LeReconciliation, LeTomorrow, LeTrust, LeTurmoil, LeUnity
THERAPEUTIC PROPERTIES: anti-infective, antiseptic, astringent, tonic, stimulant, aphrodisiac, emollient, nervine, cytophylactic, hemostatic
AFFINITY FOR: cardiovascular system, nervous system, digestive system, genito-urinary system, central vessel meridian, spleen meridian, yin energy, heart chakra
RESONANCE: physical, emotional
EXTRACTION METHOD: Rose Absolute - solvent extracted, Rose Otto - steam distilled
Rose is the highest frequency essential oil. As the frequency of the body rises to meet this amazing oil, wonderful things happen in the body. Rose Absolute and Rose Otto can be used interchangeably.
AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: Both Rose oils will of course smell like roses, however, all absolutes, because of their concentration and intensity, should be evaluated in extremely small quantities. Large amounts of these oils can overcome the receptor sites in the nose. The complexity of the fragrance, especially the rare and exotic notes, become entirely lost to our sense of smell.
APPLICATION: There is no wrong way to use rose. Simply enjoy it as often as you can.
ROSE ABSOLUTE: Rose Absolute is thicker, has a dark orange color, and a very intense scent. This is the rose most often used by the perfume industry because of the strength of the smell. It is also less expensive than the Rose Otto because you get more essential oil out of the rose petals thru solvent extraction than you do through steam distillation.
ROSE OTTO: Rose Otto is steam distilled and is less overpowering to your sense of smell. Because it is less intense, it is easier to pick up on the exotic notes that make Rose oil so beautiful, making Rose Otto the preferred Rose oil for aromatherapy. Rose Otto is more expensive than the absolute, but is, in my opinion, well worth the extra money. Not only is the scent absolutely divine, it is easier to use because it is thinner and it is clear so it won’t stain like the absolute.
EMOTIONAL / SPIRITUAL / MENTAL ASPECTS: Rose is an outstanding remedy for those times when we feel trapped by our responsibilities or by the past. Sometimes we need help to let go and move forward into the future easily and with delight. The best way that I know to describe rose oil is to tell you a story that was told to me.
A very wise man was walking along the edge of the river one day. He heard faint calls for help coming from just over the edge of the rushing river. As he looked over the edge he saw a person, so very afraid, clinging to an old dead branch with all of his might. “Help me,” the poor person calls out to him. “Please, give me your hand. I can’t hold on another moment.” The wise man looks around him and spots a beautiful rose growing on the side of the riverbed. Picking it, he holds it out to the distraught person, saying, “Take hold of this rose. It is the most magic of flowers. You will be saved and all will be well with you.” The person immediately reaches for the magic flower, losing his grip on the old dead branch—and the rushing river instantly carries him away. The wise man smiles and walks down the riverbank for a short way. There he finds the person, wet and shaken, but washed ashore quite safely. The wise man hands the person the flower and says gently, with compassion and understanding in his voice, “You only needed to trust and let go.” We choose our attitudes and beliefs based on our perceptions of the experiences in our past. Rose oil can help us understand that nothing from the past needs to hamper our futures.
PHYSICAL ASPECTS: Rose is one of the very best oils for use in an emotional crisis. It is useful in extreme debility and fatigue. Rose has a four-fold action on nerves, digestion, vascular, and urinary systems. This action is one of cleansing, rather than stimulation. Rose oil, surprisingly, is one of the most antiseptic essential oils. This antiseptic action, combined with its action on capillaries and its soothing and emollient qualities, make it a wonderful oil for nearly all types of skin.

Peppermint Oil (Black Mitcham)

Check out the emotional and physical aspects of this oil! Definitely worth using this oil!

Here is the write up from the book, "Butterfly Miracles with Essential Oils" by Laree Westover

Peppermint Black Mitcham
(Mentha piperita)
INGREDIENT IN: Not currently an ingredient in any Butterfly Blends.

AFFINITY FOR: digestive system, tissues, nerves, mind, earth element, wood element, yang energy, throat chakra, lung meridian, small intestine meridian
RESONANCE: physical, mental
PART UTILIZED: flowering tops and leaves
EXTRACTION METHOD: steam distilled
AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: This variety of peppermint has chocolaty undertones and reminds you of mint chocolates. Candy makers use this variety of peppermint plant to make candy and chocolates.
APPLICATION: Peppermint oil should be diluted well before applying to the skin. Peppermint is a good massage oil for stimulating circulation. Peppermint is too strong to be added to a bath. Add to a diffuser for help with concentration.
EMOTIONAL / SPIRITUAL / MENTAL ASPECTS: Peppermint is like a rush of fresh energy into the system. It allows us to relax instead of letting anxiety build up in our body or mind. Peppermint oil is specific for people who move between highs and lows, sadness and happiness, until the ever-widening mood swings settle into lethargy, intolerance, and frustration. Just as peppermint strengthens the digestion and aids the absorption of nutrients on a physical level, it enhances our ability to “digest” new ideas and impressions.
PHYSICAL ASPECTS: Peppermint is renowned for its action on the digestive system and for use in bowel disorders. It is one of the best essential oils for nausea, vomiting, morning sickness (small amounts only), mouth or gum infections, fainting, and motion sickness. Peppermint oil is strongly anti-inflammatory and analgesic. Peppermint oil increases circulation. All varieties of Peppermint essential oil are useful for muscle pain, inflamed joints, and arthritis. The anti-inflammatory properties make Peppermint essential oil supportive of prostate function.
GENERAL INFORMATION: Peppermint (Black Mitcham) was first grown in Mitcham England in the 1750’s and earned England the reputation for producing the best mint in the world. Peppermint (Black Mitcham) has the same latin name as Peppermint piperita. The major difference, besides aroma, is Peppermint (Black Mitcham) is an heirloom variety, which means it has been grown since the 1750’s without changes and has been passed down from generation to generation. They only harvest once per year to keep the integrity of the peppermint to its highest standards.
CAUTIONS: Peppermint oil is stimulating to the uterus. Extreme caution, mostly to the amount used, should be taken with peppermint oils if pregnant.

Runny or Stuffy Nose?

It is that time of year again! Everyone is getting sick and catching colds. My husband started to get a stuffy nose that kept him from breathing and sleeping easily so I rubbed some breezy on his chest and it quickly cleared it up. He is beginning to see the value in essential oils. He will tell me the symptoms he is experiencing and ask for an oil or herb to help with it! 
Breezy has been so nice to use as it opens the bronchial and sinus passages. This is different than your typical NyQuil. Breezy helps fight the virus and stimulates the immune system. 

Here is the write up from the book, "Butterfly Miracles with Essential Oils" by Laree Westover
INGREDIENTS: basil, birch, eucalyptus, lemon, peppermint, ravensara
AFFINITY FOR: respiratory system, immune system, skin, muscles
RESONANCE: physical
APPLICATION: LeBreezey should be diluted and rubbed on the chest or back. It can also be diffused or placed on your pillow at night.
AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: LeBreezey opens bronchial and sinus passages very effectively and has been successful in alleviating snoring.
EMOTIONAL / SPIRITUAL / MENTAL ASPECTS: While generally thought of as an oil for physical illness, the aroma of LeBreezey lifts the spirits and brings a sense of confidence and self-worth.
PHYSICAL ASPECTS: LeBreezey, besides being very effective in times of illness, is an excellent respiratory tonic and immune stimulant. The inclusion of ravensara oil creates viral fighting and tissue rebuilding properties, especially for the lung and bronchial tissues. This blend should also be tried for colds, asthma, allergies, sinus congestion, and flu. LeBreezey makes an excellent muscle relaxant and pain reliever when you do not have LeWarmDown or LeDeeper handy and you have strained a muscle.
GENERAL INFORMATION: LeBreezey is often used alternately with LeAspire.

Is Your Mind Keeping You Up At Night?

I use Tranquility almost daily when I am going to school. I tend to put a lot of extra, unneeded stress on myself. I come home needing extra help relaxing. This oil blend helps me relax and decreases a lot of my stress just by smelling it for a few minutes! Another great oil that I use for stress relief is Le Intention. Read my other post: How Essential Oils Helped Me Get Through College to learn more about Intention.

One of my life time struggles is falling asleep at night. It seems like all I can do is lay there, staring at the ceiling thinking about my whole day or thinking of all the things that stress me out. My eyes and body are so exhausted that I am begging my mind to stop. Often times I would watch the clock and see how long I was actually awake during the night. To my surprise, the last time I remember reading on the clock was 4 AM. Almost every night was like that.

One day my mom introduced me to this blessed oil. What a turning point in my life! I would smell this oil for a few minutes and sometimes put it behind my ears as I get ready for bed. I can tell a huge difference in being able to fall asleep when I use this oil. No more am I watching the clock tick by only to "wake up" in the morning with little to no sleep from that night. Highly recommend Tranquility for those with chattering minds.

Here is the write up from the book, "Butterfly Miracles with Essential Oils" by Laree Westover
INGREDIENTS: blue tansy, geranium, chamomile German, lavender, palmarosa, patchouli, orange sweet, tangerine, ylang ylang
AFFINITY FOR: nervous system, circulatory problems, emotional stability
RESONANCE: physical, emotional, spiritual
APPLICATION: LeTranquility can be used as a perfume or cologne. It is an excellent essential oil for a relaxing bath. This blend can be placed anywhere on the body.
AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: Diffuse or wear LeTranquility as a perfume. Everyone around you will get to enjoy it and reap the benefits. The aroma of LeTranquility has been known to reduce or eliminate panic attacks and other anxiety based disorders.
EMOTIONAL / SPIRITUAL / MENTAL ASPECTS: One of the best loved of the Butterfly Express, llc, blends, LeTranquility can help us develop inner strength, patience, understanding, and confidence. LeTranquility promotes relaxation, relieves anxiety, stress, tension, and depression.
LeTranquility is useful as a sleep aid, especially when the problem is "mind chatter" that just won't quit. Instead of sleeping, even though we need sleep badly, we lay there reviewing the past day in our minds or making plans for tomorrow. LeTranquility helps us take a step back from a situation so that we may come to a fuller understanding of all aspects of the situation. From this perspective we are usually able to see solutions to our dilemmas more easily.
PHYSICAL ASPECTS: Physically, LeTranquility can be useful for circulatory problems to the extremities. Stress takes a high toll on the vitamin and mineral levels of the body, especially the levels of calcium. The use of LeTranquility, which promotes calmness and quells anxiety, has been helpful in cases of osteoporosis.
LeTranquility is one of the best blends to relieve migraines and tension headaches. Since so many of our minor, but annoying physical distresses have their roots in our emotions and our thought patterns, LeTranquility has proven useful in a very wide range of physical discomforts.
LeTranquility has been used in programs to help children and adults get off Ritalin and Prozac. Of course, it is recommended that you work closely with your doctor.
GENERAL INFORMATION: This essential oil blend is the first thing you should reach for whenever someone is having a panic attack. More times than not, LeTranquility will stop the attack completely. This is a great blend for any type of anxiety disorder.

Digestion Issues?

Here is an oil that will help improve the functionality of your digestive system. Whether you are experiencing anything from heartburn to diarrhea this oil is for you! The reason why it is so fantastical and helps a wide range of issues is because it helps return your digestive system to a balanced and healthy state. I seriously have been so grateful for knowing about this oil. Sometimes I eat something that my stomach does NOT agree with and I used to deal with the consequences. Now when I notice those feelings of a hurty belly come on, I apply InsideOut on my stomach. I also use apply this oil  behind my ears when I feel nausea from eating something bad or from the flu.  Soo happy I know about this oil and can use it for so many things. 

Here is the write up from the book, "Butterfly Miracles with Essential Oils" by Laree Westover

INGREDIENTS: anise, cardamom, cilantro, fennel, juniper berry, kanuka, lemon, lemongrass, patchouli, peppermint, tarragon, thyme
AFFINITY FOR: digestive system, stomach meridian
RESONANCE: physical, emotional
APPLICATION: Apply one drop behind the ears for nausea, motion sickness, or morning sickness. LeInsideOut can also be applied over the abdomen either by diluting with a carrier oil or as a compress.
EMOTIONAL / SPIRITUAL / MENTAL ASPECTS: LeInsideOut is primarily considered an oil which works on the physical body. Whenever you use an essential oil, you will be working on underlying emotional roots as well as physical complaints. LeInsideOut can be helpful in discovering and sorting through the emotions underlying the digestive problems. LeInsideOut can help calm the obsessive worry that sometimes contributes to digestive difficulties.
PHYSICAL ASPECTS: LeInsideOut improves the function of the digestive system. It helps with upset stomach, belching, bloating, stomach cramps, heartburn, constipation, and diarrhea. LeInsideOut's ability to be effective for both constipation and diarrhea may seem odd; it is not. Natural remedies work with the body to return systems to balanced and healthy states. They are not the administration of an "opposing" remedy or force. This is true in every aspect of the body and mind when working with natural healers.
LeInsideOut should be used for any bout of intestinal flu or food poisoning. It is useful for most types of nausea, either by inhaling the aroma or putting a drop behind each ear. This blend should be applied over the abdomen for colon problems and for candida overgrowth. LeInsideOut has been useful in the treatment of parasites in animals and humans. For humans, place LeInsideOut on the feet and massage across abdomen. For animals, dilute a few drops in water and massage into soft tissues.
CAUTIONS: LeInsideOut contains a small amount of fennel which is, when used by itself, contra-indicated for use during pregnancy. This is an example of blended oils being safer to use than single essential oils. This essential oil blend is safe to use for morning sickness in the manner described, but proper care, prudence, and judgement should be exercised.

Feeling Like You Are Coming Down With Something?

No one likes being sick. It is virtually impossible to stay away from the sickness when flu/cold season arrives. I have found an oil that keeps the immune system working at its best and allows you to enjoy every season without being sick. Deliverance is a very potent antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial blend. There are many ways you can use this oil and reap the benefits. My family and I put it in a roller bottle and apply it to our wrists and necks before we leave the house. I have seriously found that I am sick less often when I use this oil. If I do get sick, my symptoms last for significantly less time.

In the beginning, I didn't realize how awesome this oil is. My friends in school would all get sick for about a month with lingering symptoms from the flu. I, on the other hand, would find that either I did feel sick but it lasted only a few days, or I wouldn't even feel a hint of sickness for that whole season. I believe it depended on how faithful I was to applying deliverance and if I was doing everything I could to keep my body healthy (sleeping enough, eating well, exercising etc.) After I realized I wasn't getting sick and all my friends had to deal with it, I decided this stuff worked better than I thought. I recommend that everyone has this oil in their kit! Use it on your kids when you send them off to daycare or school. Use it when you head off to work. Diffuse it in your home to kill airborne viruses and bacteria during the cold/flu season!

Here is the write up from the book, "Butterfly Miracles with Essential Oils" by Laree Westover
INGREDIENTS: cinnamon bark, clove, eucalyptus, lemon, oregano, oregano wild, rosemary, thyme
AFFINITY FOR: immune system, lymphatic system, skin
RESONANCE: physical, spiritual
APPLICATION: LeDeliverance can be used in so many ways, I am sure that I will not manage to list them all here. Some common methods of use are soak the family toothbrushes in LeDeliverance mixed with water, place a drop on your toothbrush at least one time per day, and place on a cotton ball or in an inhaler and carry with you, inhaling frequently during the cold and flu season.
A particularly effective way to fight a very virulent illness is to apply LeDeliverance alternately with LeLifeForce. In the evening put one of these essential oils on the K1's (acupressure points on the feet) and the other on the thymus. First thing in the morning, put the oils on again, then put them in opposite positions. If LeDeliverance was on the thymus area the night before, it should go on the feet in the morning. This method is very effective against really nasty stuff.
AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: An excellent use for this blend is to diffuse it every day during the cold and flu season to eliminate airborne bacteria and viruses.
PHYSICAL ASPECTS: LeDeliverance is one of the most potent antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal combinations available. Its many uses include respiratory infections, sore throats, strep throats, dental diseases and infections, cold sores, canker sores, cuts, general infections, athlete's foot and toenail fungus, and infection from slivers. Apply faithfully, undiluted, for warts (this takes a little time so be patient).
Frequent and consistent use of LeDeliverance also strengthens the immune system. LeDeliverance is an expectorant and helps the lymph system to drain. This is a very effective oil. Everyone should have it on hand.
GENERAL INFORMATION: LeDeliverance can be used, diluted, or diffused, in the home as a cleaner and air purifier to fight viruses and airborne bacteria.
Cautions: Care should also be taken to dilute well, especially if frequent use is anticipated. The clove, cinnamon, thyme, and oregano in this blend make it a possible skin irritant.

The Oil That Gave My Aches and Pains Sweet Relief!

This is the angel of all oils. Deeper oil and rub have been my saving grace during dance and track/x-c seasons. I have bursitis that flares up when I dance or run. It feels like I need to rip off my knee cap and scrape the pain out from inside of it. I also occasionally get injured during these seasons and have muscle pain/soreness. Le Deeper has been a huge blessing to me during these times. I apply it topically on the area that is hurt and find that the pain and bruising go away.
During ballet class was when the bursitis flared the most and that seriously can be unbearable. I'd massage deeper rub on my knees before and after every class and had little to no problems with the pain. If I ever had a tough practice or rehearsal and would feel any muscle soreness I would also apply this oil to the muscles and find sweet relief. Another way I used this oil was for really bad menstrual cramps; I started to apply Deeper and that helped a ton. 

Here is the write up from the book, "Butterfly Miracles with Essential Oils" by Laree Westover
INGREDIENTS: birch, eucalyptus, helichrysum, fir, lemongrass, myrrh, peppermint, spruce, wintergreen
AFFINITY FOR: muscles, bones, nerves
RESONANCE: physical
APPLICATION: LeDeeper should be diluted whenever it is applied to the skin. This is an excellent oil for use in the bath.
PHYSICAL ASPECTS: LeDeeper contains penetrating, anti-inflammatory oils which aids in relieving pain that is deep in the tissues and nerves. It is useful for sciatica, arthritis, osteoarthritis, the pain of osteoporosis, sprains, and injuries where there is bruising and/or nerve damage.
LeDeeper increases blood and lymph circulation to the extremities, making it an effective choice for neuropathy and fibromyalgia. This blend often brings instant relief when applied to the abdomen and back for pre-menstrual cramps. Other important uses for LeDeeper are pain relief with shingles and bursitis.
Since my own family is prone to injuring themselves seriously and regularly, this blend has been worked with and "tweaked" until it is near perfection, in my opinion.